Sye in quite possibly the best comic panel ever drawn.

Originally the diary comic was a quick way to get across something funny or interesting that had happened to me; it was also a way to experiment with new comic styles. You might notice in some of my diary comics the colours are a little different, the drawing style between digital and traditional is mixed, and even things like space between panel borders vary. Through this  experimentation I grow as a comic artist, but I still love the idea of telling my stories in this format.

After making a few strips of the comic, I decided to set myself a target of ten, and if I managed to make them consistently, I would publish them on their own web site ( I looked into other diary comics to see if anyone else is publishing autobiographical work in this format, and was both pleased and inspired by other diary comics such as Erika Moen’s DAR Comic, Dustin Harbin’s Diary comic and Shazzbaa Bennette’s Today Nothing Happened.

The comic ran from October 2011 to May 2012 publishing weekly before going on hiatus. My life became a little tumultuous at that point and the comic had to take the back burning position until my life was a little more controllable (young adulthood is an unpredictable time!)

Now that university is over, and I have a little more security and regularity in my life, I can take up the banner once more. That isn’t to say I don’t have anything happening. As a comedy improviser, freelance illustrator and retail monkey, I have a lot of stuff going on. You’ll probably find out more about me by reading the comic!


Author, Sye Watts

About The Artist…

My name is Sye Watts, I am a self-taught freelance illustrator based in Manchester, England. I am in my mid twenties and have worked as an illustrator since 2011, starting out making the odd comic when i was 8 years old, discovering photoshop at the age of 16 and specialising in comic and general illustration at age 22.

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You can find more about Sye on his tumblr, and by visiting his professional portfolio.