This actually happened earlier this year, it was still winter time. I live in Manchester, in the UK, which is a relatively small city considering what it has to offer and it’s rich industrial history. I came here from a small town, where we had foxes which lived in the nature reserve just across the road from my house.

The difference between foxes which live in a relatively rural environment and these chill-ass city foxes is pretty startling. They will just walk past you, might even stop to take a look. They are very domesticated, not to the point of being able to approach and stroke them mind, but they are still pretty relaxed around humans.


This reminds me of one of the first web comics I ever started reading many years ago called Faux Pas, which is about a domesticated fox living with other animals that are used in the film and movie industry. They also have a lovely page dedicated to all sorts of neat information all about foxes! both the page on foxes, and the comic in general are well worth the read.