Eventful Christmas!

My life has changes so much in the past six months. Moving in with my Partner, leaving Manchester for the sunny* steep hills of Sheffield. The house is really big; big enough for me to have a studio on the top floor which can be seen here in water colour. I’ve also been busy working on full size illustrations which now fill my portfolio, and shall be renovating the hub soon enough.

I’ve met some lovely people here so far, and we are even in talks at starting a Drink’n’Draw. If you want updates on how that is going on (or want to come along) head over to my Twitter, Ill be keeping my followers posted.

Mayday is a pretty chilled out cat. We called her Mayday because originally we were going to call her Wednesday, but then some friend of ours said “Oh, like the football team” at which point we remembered there is a popular football team here called Sheffield Wednesday, so we scrapped that. I still liked the idea of naming her after a month, and we like the idea of naming her after a day, so we called her Mayday.

She hides a lot. She will get used to it in time but this morning while my partner was making breakfast she scared herself whilst eating. We don’t know how, she just got scared and ran (it was hilarious). She is a lazy coward, so she will fit right in here. Heres a picture of Mayday doing what she does best, and a picture of My partner and I toasting your good health for the new year!

* …Sheffield is not sunny at all. In fact it’s fucking freezing.