I find packing to move house is one of the most soul destroying things you can do. Not only do you take stock of what you actually have, and what you possibly have lost, but you also find yourself throwing things away that you might otherwise want to keep. There is also the memories attached to a place, or certain moments in your life that you achieved whilst staying there. I don’t like endings.

BUT! This is also a beginning. My new place has enough room to house a desk, which means my computer and Cintiq can share the same space meaning I no longer have to work on the floor next to my bed. I’m moving up in the world!


For my none English readers, those are two pound (£2) coins. The tin actually contained about £54 worth of moolah, which will pay for the deposit on my graduation gown which I will be wearing this week (on the 18th) to receive my diploma. Happy days!