I was recently given the change to go on holiday for four days to Alton Towers by a group of friends.  Some I’d known, others I met recently, and all were positively delightful. I’m not great at making new friends, I’m great at chatting to people and making them laugh, but sometimes I don’t know when to not talk. Other times I’m too quiet, I shut down. It’s a thing I do.

Anyway, this genuinely happened. I knew we were all going to be good friends for a long time after they’d started laughing. I find farts and fart humour to be hilarious as you might have noticed, but I know a lot of others (particularly gay men) don’t find it so funny.

Yep, good holiday, good people. I’m keeping them.


Side note: The first day we were in the park was the official opening of their new ride The Smiler, which we queued for from the off. So, we are officially the first visitors to ever ride The Smiler. Fucking touch me.


Additionally, I’ve recently fixed the problem we had with the comments plugin. You guys should now be able to leave comments and I encourage  you to do so. I’d love to hear from you :)