Play festival was absolutely fantastic!

Apologies for the late posting, I’ve spent my time since Monday both working and recuperating from Play Festival of which I had the fortune to attend over the weekend.

I had such a wonderful time seeing old faces and meeting some new ones. I’m pleased with how my clowning workshops went. In the end, I ran two clowning workshops and a totally unexpected gymnastics/handstands workshop. The gym workshop was a little full, and I found it difficult to get around everyone and give decent quality tutoring, but I got some good feedback from the attendee’s and people seemed to enjoy it so I am happy.

I was also happy to see a design I created for the festival used on the programme. I’m considering adjusting it and making it into a T shirt for myself, as I’m rather pleased with it.

I took my sketchbook, but I had little opportunity to do any sketching. I was playing too much!


Roll on Play Festival 2014, and hopefully it will be a tad drier!