I’m a huge fan of famous quotations.

A couple of years ago I worked as a photographer for a clearance warehouse. It was my job to unpack items for sale, take pictures of them for merchandising and edit the pictures in photoshop before uploading them. Often the items would be articles of women’s clothing, which had beenĀ packed with this semi transparent tissue paper.

I collected all the paper which were set for throwing away regardless and took them home. I didn’t have a solid idea of what I wanted to do with them, but I then bought a Pentel Brush Pen (for use in comic making) which I decided to try on the tissue. Being a lover of quotations, I decided to cut the tissue into a collection of pennants, and string them together as bunting, but not before writing a quotation from a famous person or poem on the pennant.

The result gave this glowing paper holding solid black text when held up to light. It was a great way to recycle doomed materials, test new art equipment and decorate my bedroom. See for yourself!

There are some more pictures of the bunting on my instagram if you fancy it.