Q: How often does The Diary Comic update?

A: The Diary Comic updates every Monday at 6 pm GMT (UCT +01:00)


Q: How is the comic made?Sye Drawing

A: The comic is made using mixed media. The sketching is done with a non-photo blue mechanical pencil and inked using technical pens. Then the comic is scanned in, minimal cleaning up, then digital colouring using a Cintiq 13HD and Photoshop CS5.


Q: How long does it take to make a comic?

A: Depending on the technicality and size of the comic, between two to six hours from start to finish. For a typical five panel strip comic, ill spend a couple of hours writing the script, thumbnailing and sketching, then an hour to ink, and a final hour to scan, colour and polish the finished comic.


Q: Is everything that happens in the comic true?

A: I do embellish some of the imagery (the plants on my windowsill don’t really talk to each other as far as I am aware). The comic is more how I interpret things that happen in my life. Having said that, yes, everything in the comic is inspired from a true event that has happened to me or I have experienced.


Q: Are you just a narcissist that indulges by drawing himself?

A: Yes. I’m a diva, I love attention…

Sye's Plants

…also, if I’m drawing myself, I won’t offend anyone by drawing me with thick eyebrows or a big nose or wide hips. Comic art is representational, and you can never really know if by representing someone by a trait such as their body size or hair style you are hitting something they may be self conscious of.

It has happened before when I have drawn a friend, and caricatured a feature they do not like about themselves, so I try to avoid including other people I know in my comics.


Q: What were your artistic influences that inspired the comic?

A: Well, my comic influences since being a child had been things such as Peanuts by Charles Shultz, The Beano comics and animated series’ such as Arthur, and anime’s such as Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Digimon and Dragonball Z. Interestingly, I don’t think much of my interest in anime has made it into my art work so far.

Some other great diary comics are mentioned on the about page if you are interested in other autobiographical work.

I answer questions as I receive them. If you’d like to ask me something about the comic, feel free to tweet me, email me or send me a question on my tumblr.